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  • Justin Louallen

American Reunion Written Review

Alright. So, it's been 13 years since the first American Pie movie and in this movie, we see the characters from the original trilogy coming back together and having their high school reunion. Now, let me start by saying that I loved the first 3 American Pie movies when they had came out and I was only about 7 years old when the first one came out.... When I watched them, I got it's appeal with the gross-out humor and the funny situations the characters get themselves in. To me, my favorite characters out of all those movies were Steve Stifler, played by Sean William Scott, and Jim's dad Noah, played by Eugene Levy. Every single time I would see them on screen, I would laugh out loud hard and really be into what's going on. Now granted, the 3rd movie went a little too overboard with Stifler, but, I still liked it for what it was. It's really surprising how they've made all those Direct-To-DVD spin-offs of American Pie, but they couldn't even get the original cast besides Jim's Dad. Now, back to American Reunion. I really liked this movie. It had a lot of nostalgic value going for it, the gross-out humor had some really great laughs going on and I was just really glad to see the original cast come back together and have a good time. Though, they pretty much retain the same personalities they did in the other movies, it's just always a delight seeing the situation they get themselves into and there's a part where Stiffler takes a dump inside these jocks' beer cooler for payback after they insulted him and the other guys at this beach and it was hilarious. And another thing I really enjoyed was seeing how Jim's dad gets drunk and proceeds to get high with Stifler's mom and there's a scene at the very end of the movie, and I wont spoil what happens, but, it made me crack up so much at the theater I almost rolled over the ground laughing so hard. Final thoughts: I really enjoyed this movie. It had a lot of great moments, the characters are still fleshed out pretty well, including Jim, Oz, Finch, Kevin, Stifler, Jim's Dad, Michelle, Vicki, and Heather, and seeing them coming back after 13 years really left a smile on face and when I heard the music they were playing at the reunion party, it made me kind of miss being in the 90s too. So, i'd recommend the movie. It's a hell of a lot better than those Direct to dvd spinoffs that I dont even think is in the same continuity as the other movies. So, yeah, if you're drunk or at a party or just want a good time, this is the movie for you. I liked it.

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