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  • Justin Louallen

The Dictator Written Review

Sorry I couldn't post a video review of this one. I didn't really have a lot to say about The Dictator. It was okay. I liked it. It was funny for the most part and after watching the other Sacha Baron Cohen movies like Borat and Ali G Indahouse, I've been seeing a great comic like him do these satirical movies about how government and society is and the movie is full of racist and politically correct jokes, but I think it was good for a satire though. Cohen is really funny in this movie and he has a lot of range as a comedic actor and for this movie, it felt like I was watching Borat if it was played more like a "movie" and there were some great supporting cast members in this too. Anna Faris was cool as Zoe and I even liked that small part of John C. Reilly as that security guard that tries to torture Cohen's character. lol. If I was to pick my favorite funny parts out of this movie, it'd be the scene where Cohen is running in a track race and shoots the other guys while running. That scene had me cracking up so hard in the theater, I felt water coming down. I even liked that other scene where he has a decapitated head and is making faces with it to another guy in the shower. There was also this running gag that goes on where every time he would have someone executed, he would waive his hand under his neck and it's funny. lol. But yeah, I think the movie was what it was intended to be. Do I recommend seeing the movie in theaters? Sure, I'd say check it out at a matinee or something if you got time to waste. When it's funny, it's really funny with it's jokes and who knows? Maybe Cohen will do a satire on something he hasn't done yet because he's a great comedian and it's funny too because I was the only one out of 3 people in the entire theater at that screening and when the other 3 came in, they asked, "Damn. where's everyone else?" and I said, "They're probably seeing that other movie Battleship." Oh, and speaking of that, I'll be seeing that one tomorrow and I don't know whether I'm going to be mad or just bored with that one. Overall, I'd say check out The Dictator. On a scale of 1-10, I'd probably give it a 6.5, mainly cause some of the jokes fall flat and whenever it does something funny with it's political correctness, it keeps me cracking up, but yeah, check it out.

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