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My Top 12 Favorite Movies Of 2014

Gone Girl- What more can I say about David Fincher's latest mystery/thriller? The story was very intense and a great whodunit concept that has cool twists and turns that come later and the performances are phenomenal. Ben Affleck gives one of my favorite brooding, emotional, and challenging roles he's done in years. The biggest stand out is Rosamund Pike. Her performance is so captivating and manipulative that you cant keep your eyes off her. I meant that in a good way by the way. lol. The music really sets the mood too and Fincher's direction really holds the movie as well when you're piecing all the clues together for twist that comes later and it's my favorite movie of the year.

  1. Nightcrawler- I was glad I saw this movie in the theater when it came out. It's very rare when we get original movies that come out. This movie reminds me of the movie Network, where in both movies, you have a news reporter who wants to get better ratings for his news channel and it shares a lot of themes of loneliness and ambition and Jake Gyllenhaal played his most defining role I've ever seen. He lost quite a lot of weight for the role and he plays it very eccentric and he's a sociopath to everyone, but, you just feel like he's so into what he does that it's a performance that many will be talking about for a long time. I don't want to say anymore, but, definitely check it out. If you mixed American Psycho and Network, this is the movie that it would look like.

  2. Guardians Of The Galaxy- A group of rag tag team who come from distance worlds and they all have to work together to fight evil. This is one of my favorite Marvel movies that has come out recently and it was funny as hell, the performances from everyone including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, etc. all did perfect. The humor and story were very well executed and best of all, the soundtrack really holds the movie together and brings a great throwback to the 70s and 80s tunes. Cant wait to see these guys again for the sequel

  3. The Raid 2- This is what a sequel does best. Instead of doing the same concept again, this one shows more action, more brutal martial arts fights, a very well thought out story, a score that really gets you pumped up for what's about to happen, and best of all, it fleshes the characters out better and provides a very ironic outcome toward the end with the final battle scenes. Loved the first one, loved the second one even more.

  4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier- I liked the first Captain America, but, this one really improved the first one a lot. Chris Evans is perfect as Steve Rodgers and I loved the music, the intense action, the stakes were more higher and Cap finally meets his match going up against his most lethal enemy and best of all, I loved the new additions like Anthony Mackie as The Falcon and bringing back familiar faces like Agent Carter, (who now has her own spin-off show that I still need to check out). Not much more I can say, but, definitely a great sequel.

  5. Interstellar-Now I know everyone always thinks I'm biased with Christopher Nolan movies because I love all of them, and sure you can say that, but, I put this movie on my list because I feel like this sci-fi flick was one of the most ambitious movies I've seen in such a long time and not only the concept, not only the director I like, but, I loved the way it was planned out with the story, the performances by Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway really moved me and were very emotional in a lot of parts and the score by Hans Zimmer really put you in the right mindset when you feel like you're in space. I'm glad I seen this IMAX because that really improved the atmosphere of it and best of all, I'm one of the few that actually loved how it ended. I actually wish it could've been longer. I'm not a Nolanite. I just really loved the movie. Cant wait to buy it on Blu Ray.

  6. Dawn Of The Planet Of the Apes- Another great sequel I loved that improved from the first movie. I liked Rise of the Planet Of The Apes as well. What I enjoy with this one is that it makes the stakes more higher with the apes taking over the world and the humans living in rural societies and are trying to strive to make their lives better and it really gets dark and menacing throughout and Andy Serkis as Caesar was very well acted and the visuals were very outstanding for the actions scenes and how the apes look. It's rare to see CGI do great for a blockbuster, but, I thought they did excellent with it. I also liked the performances from the other actors too like Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, and Keri Russell. To me, this film is the Empire Strikes Back for sequels. I was impressed from start to finish. The action scenes, the story, everything. Cant wait for the next one.

  7. X-Men: Days Of Future Past- If you hated X3 and X-men:Origins, don't worry. This movie makes you forget those movies every happened. It was so great to see the original cast back for this one and using time travel to fix the issues with the other movies and Bryan Singer directing again for the new X-Men movies again and also seeing the new cast from First Class come back as well. The story was very well done, the characters were very fleshed out and made everything come together full circle, the action scenes were superb, especially Evan Peter's version of Quicksilver. I wish they could've used that version in Age of Ultron, but, too bad they couldn't get the rights. This is my second favorite X-men movie after X2. Really pumped to see Apocalypse when it comes out.

  8. Non-Stop- Want to see a different Liam Neeson movie that doesn't really on shaky cam or seeing his daughter kidnapped? This one is for you. Neeson really pulls it off in this mystery/thriller that is very suspenseful and intense and has a twist that I didn't see coming at all. Best of all, it's one of the better plane-in-danger movies I've seen in a while that doesn't try to overdue it with special effects. Really great movie.

  9. Edge Of Tomorrow- Ever wanted to see groundhog day turned into a Sci-fi flick with Tom Cruise? I sure do. lol. I loved this movie. it was funny at times, Tom Cruise kills it as the lead and it's very well shot and directed, especially with the 3D, and the many times you see Cruise get killed and coming back to stop those aliens during the war that goes on. Really enjoyed this blockbuster.

  10. The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies- A fitting closure to the Hobbit series and tie-in to the Lord of the Rings. Was a little rushed out, but, I still loved how it played out and the dynamic between Bilbo and Thorin and the performances all perfect. Wish they had more, but, hey, you never know.

  11. Neighbors- Not much to say about this one other than, if you like old-school party movies like Animal House, you'll love this one. It was funny as hell and Seth Rogan was great playing a dad and Rose Byrne was funny too, but, best of all, it was good to see Zac Efron finally doing a movie I liked that didn't have him be the whole heartthrob like he was in his other movies. Want a good way to watch this one? Get a party going on, drink some beers, and have fun seeing Seth Rogan get shot up in the air by a chair from an exploding cushion.

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