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A Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise Ranked From Best To Worst

This is Eddie. I think Wes Craven created one of the most creepiest monsters ever put on film, until they made him funny in the later films. I grew up not having any censorship to films so I watched a lot of horror movies as a kid. I watched everything. I really thought A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) was one of the scariest films ever made. It's literally the only thing that scared me as a kid. Of course, I'm not scared of it now since I've grown up but that score mixed with Freddy's evilness in part 1 makes it so memorable that it holds up still today. The original Nightmare On Elm Street was hands down the best of the franchise. Dream Warriors was also one of the best and it felt as close to the first one until more were made. My ranking from best to worst (not counting the kind of disappointing remake) goes: Part 1 as the best, 3, New Nightmare, 4, 2, 5 and the worst is 6. Five and six were absolutely bad movies, especially Part 6: Freddy's Dead. Anyways, comment below your favorite of the franchise and come check out me and my buddy Justin Louallen's reviews at Film Phreeks.

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