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  • Justin Louallen

The Purge: Anarchy Written Review

I finally watched The Purge: Anarchy last night and I have to say I was impressed. I liked this one better than the first one because it actually used the concept a lot better, had better characters, was brutal, and had a good commentary on the rich vs poor as well. Frank Grillo was awesome too. He reminded me of the Punisher in how he's mysterious at first, but you start to learn a little more about him throughout it. In addition, I liked how this one was more of ensemble since there were 3 main groups and you can buy them more in this kind of situation that would take place in a government-free setting that reminds me if you played Grand Theft Auto and there were no cops. The kills were brutal too. Yeah, some were obvious CGI, but I still liked how vicious these gangs with the masks were and how they intimidated the group. I also liked how the stakes got higher because this takes place in the streets instead of a house like in the first one. The only problems I had was some of the characters didn't get loose ends resolved after it all goes on and I kind of wished they could've focused more on them. Overall, I enjoyed this much more than the first one and I cant wait to see Election Year. I give this a 6.75/10. What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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