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  • Eddie Williams

The Darkness Review

Ok, I just got done with one of the worst movies so far in 2016. So this movie, The Darkness, is about a boy who steals rocks from an Indian burial ground. He see things, blah blah. This movie was absolutely hard to watch. The acting was bad, the source material was supposed to be a ghost movie which it is but 1 hour of it had nothing to do with any ghost. It was more about a father's life at work and a daughter who throws up after she eats to stay skinny. This boy (who was supposed to be the highlight of the film) is hardly around. This movie had zero chemistry, suspense, or tension. The story was painfully boring. The ghost was mainly a black cloud you see later near the end. Other than that, this film almost had no ghost. All you hear throughout film is knocking inside the walls. The ending couldn't have been any worse. All they have to do is put stones back and it's a win for the family, which they did in 5 minutes without a scratch. That was a horrible ending. This movie was full of terrible editing, too many scenes where they go shopping at a grocery store and scenes that were all over the place. It's a 1/10 . Excuse me while I go drink the headache away.

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