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  • Eddie Williams

The Boss Review

I'm reviewing The Boss, starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell. It's about a rich woman, (Melissa McCarthy) who always gets anything she wants. After losing it all due to being arrested for fraud, she gets out of prison by trying to redeem herself while getting revenge on her ex bf who screwed her over. Now going into this film, I waited for video since Melissa has had a bad track record in movies and THANK GOD I did. This movie was fucking garbage. Melissa fails miserably again. I wanted to pull my fucking hair out. It wasn't funny at all. Melissa likes to carry on comedic lines that go nowhere and there was not an inch of laughter whatsoever. This movie reminds me a lot of last year's garbage comedy called Unfinished Business, starring Vince Vaughn. Anyways, it was trash and I kept falling asleep. Honestly, it's worse than Melissa's other known crap movie, Tammy. It's a 2/10, very unwatchable and the only alright part is Peter Dinklage.

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