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  • Justin Louallen

Here Lies Joe (Short Film) Review

I watched a short film called Here Lies Joe. It was directed by Mark Battle and starring Dean Temple, Andi Morrow, and Timothy J. Cox. It follows the story about a clinically depressed man who attends a suicide group and meets a drama queen woman and they form an unlikely friendship. I thought this was a really emotional story and it speaks to me in different ways because, I'll be honest, I have had depressed thoughts and it does have a great message as to whether or not a person can be cured of depression or if they have found hope. The performances were good too. I did start to cringe at first with the Zee character, but, I can see the realism this character has as it goes along and I bought the chemistry between both her and Joe. It's a great short film. I even like the music and the cinematography. Overall, I'm going to give it a 9/10. I recommend it.

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