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Fargo Season 2 Review

I'm watched Fargo Season 2, the prequel set in 1979 that started it all. It stars Kristen Dunst, Patrick Wilson, Jesse Plemons, Jean Smart, and Ted Danson. Set in Minnesota, 1979 (27 years before the events of Season 1), we start in a cozy Minnesota town where a massacre occurs at a local diner done by one of the mob members of the Gerhardt family from Fargo North Dakota. After being killed in a hit and run by a citizen of the town, a 3 way bloody war between 2 rival crime families, the police, and citizens comes to the small town as well as many other quiet towns throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota in finding out who was responsible of the death of the mob member. Now, not going in such detail, but Season 2 has many separate story lines that began to come together very well after getting further into the season. A little back story. Season 2 focuses on the events that were mentioned in the previous season told by an old retired cop/diner owner. Season 2 was just as amazing as the first season. It really ups the brutality, body count, and the storyline. There's a lot more going on in season 2 than its previous one. Its packed with an amazing storyline and full of great performances done by many great actors / actresses as well as great cameos. I highly recommend people to start with season 2, the 1996 film if you haven't seen it, then watch season 1 last to truly go in order with the story. In my opinion, I like season 2 on the same level as season 1. I really can't put both ahead of one another because they were both unique in their own way. That being said, I do have more small cons with season 2 then I did with season 1 but they are just small cons. It's got some artistic, metaphorical scenes (with a space ship and scenes from a classic Nazi WW2 TV show that many of the characters see from an artist stand point) that really don't go with the story that didn't need to be in the season, but at same time it doesn't erupt the main plot which is ok but it's just something I thought could have done without. I also had a hard time at first having the whole Fargo feel to it in the first half of the season. It felt like an original gangster story like The Godfather, which it does fix as the story progresses, then it starts to get into the Fargo feel. It was hard seeing less snow and they don't focus much with a salesman plot character that we're used to seeing in season 1 and the 1996 flick. They don't do a lot with the "yah" that became very catchy with the classic film as well as season 1. I do like that they change it up though so they don't keep hashing the same plot. They also could have done a better ending in my opinion. That's just some minor nitpicking, but overall it was still an amazing season. I'm gonna give it a 9.5/10, the same rating I gave season 1 and I'm looking forward to season 3 which comes out in the summer of 2017.

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