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  • Eddie Williams

Free State Of Jones Review

Today I'm reviewing Free State of Jones, directed by Gary Ross (director of The Hunger Games, Pleasantville, and Sea Biscuit), starring Matthew McConaughey and Keri Russell. It's a true story set in the Civil War period of a Confederate Medic Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey). After learning about the confederate army treating the citizens horribly and no help from the Union Army, Newton decides to go rogue by creating his own state where everyone is truly created equality. They hold off until the Civil War ends and Newton must deal with standing up for the freedom of African Americans against the newly founded KKK. Throughout the movie, we get scenes set into the future in the 1950s where Newton's son is in court trying to get his freedom to marry a white woman while he's 25% black and facing prison time. This movie captures the era of the Civil War very well. It's gritty, well acted and had some intense brutal scenes. That being said, this movie was overall long and very boring at times. It had 3 stories going on, one of them they don't spend a lot of time with and it felt kind of empty. The trailers threw me off thinking it was an all out war movie when the war is only 60% of it. It's very drama-filled where I had a hard time paying attention and staying awake. It was very long too, with many scenes that I didn't really care about. Being nice, it's a 5.5/10 for me. A very forgettable film.

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