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The Shallows Written Review

Today, I'm reviewing The Shallows, a survival/thriller shark film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra ( Director of House of Wax, Orphan, Non Stop and Run All Night) and starring Blake Lively. Nancy Adams (Blake Lively), is a surfer girl who just lost her mother and decides to take a trip to a private secluded beach where her mother used to go when she was young. While swimming, she is attacked by a huge shark, leaving her severely injured and stuck on a reef that only comes out during a low tide after being submerged during high tide hours throughout the day. Learning that she has only a few hours left to stay on the reef with the shark waiting near by, she has to plan a way to make it to land before it's too late. I remember really looking forward to this film when the trailers were released, but I was worried that it would fall into the horrible shark movie track record that we have seen over the past few decades like that shitty ass Shark Night 3D from 2011, the sorry ass embarrassments of Jaws 3&4, the very boring Open Water from 2003 and those stupid Sharknado films. Though, since the amazing Jaws 1&2, Deep Blue Sea was the only one we had that was somewhat decent. This film had me on the edge of my seat. It was fun and very suspenseful. This woman went through hell with that huge shark as well, getting stung by jellyfish and stinging coral reefs. It had amazing cinematography with shots of the ocean and the beach. The sea life looked real and the shark looked real in about 75% of the shots. My cons would be that the ending could have been a lot better. Some of the CGI was bad with the shark, but it was only a small part they screwed up, so it wasn't a big deal. Some of the scenes were not realistic, like a shark ripping pure steel apart with his teeth and how the shark meets his end. Even though it was badass, it was over the top. Overall, it was a really good shark movie and its my 3rd favorite shark film of all time behind Jaws 1&2. It's a solid 8.5/10 for me. You can also check out Justin's review of it on YouTube as well:

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