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Central Intelligence Review

Today I'm reviewing Central Intelligence, a film directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (director of Dodge Ball: A True Underdog Story and We're the Millers). Central intelligence is a buddy cop film starring Kevin Hart, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jason Bateman and Aaron Paul. Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) is being honored at his school senior assembly for one last speech before graduation. When a couple of bullies from the high school decide to pull a vicious prank to embarrass a young fat Robbie Wierdicht ( Dewayne Johnson), Wierdicht walks out of the gymnasium with a feel of embarrassment. 20 years later, Calvin Joyner is now happily married and working at an accountant firm and with the 20th anniversary high school reunion coming up, Robbie Wierdicht locates Calvin to meet and catch up on old times. Calvin soon discovers that Robbie Wierdicht is being chased by the CIA. Now Calvin must help Robbie Wierdicht prove his innocence to the CIA in this good cast, yet flat comedy. Now when I seen this trailer, it didn't look too bad but with Kevin Hart playing the same character in his third straight cop comedy role, I had a feeling it wouldn't be good. I wasn't impressed and I really didn't laugh at all in this film. Sure, I chuckled here and there but it fell flat in the end. I'm getting burned out with all of these buddy comedy films we keep getting in the past 5 plus years. So far, I can only name 1 that was good which is 'The Other Guys'. I swear in every other film after that, it's literally the exact same plot but changing the actors. I love Kevin Hart and I find him to be funny, but man he's been playing that same character lately in every damn film for the past three years. This role resembles more of his roles in 'Ride Along' and ' Ride Along 2' which I didn't like at all. The CGI was used way too much, not to mention it was very noticeable. I saw the stunt double that replaces Dwayne Johnson's action scenes about 5 times, which is a blooper. The story was so bland and had been done many times before. This has to be one of the most predictable films I've seen all year. I knew exactly how it was going to go down before the movie made it to the scenes I predicted. The fight scenes were lame and they used CGI for everything which I find lazy. As far as the comedy, like I said its that millennial juvenile humor I don't find funny unless it's done the right way. This film should be used in film schools to show students what lazy ass writing looks like so they won't make any bad comedy films. That being said, I did chuckle at some parts. I also loved the cast throughout the film besides the annoying ass blonde smirky CIA agent and Melissa McCarthy's one minute of non-needed presence. I also loved Aaron Paul's co starring role and how they let him say the word 'Bitch' that he's famously known for in 'Breaking Bad'. Overall, I do find this film to be somewhat tolerable compared to the other horrible cop comedy films in recent times like 'Ride Along' parts 1&2 and that overrated colossal trash '22 Jump Street'. I'm gonna give Central Intelligence a 4.5/10.

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