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The Boy Review

Tonight reviewing The Boy, directed by William Brent Bell (Stay Alive and The Devil Inside) and stars Lauren Cohan (Maggie from The Walking Dead TV series) and Rupert Evans. The Boy is about a girl named Greta (Lauren Cohan) who travels to the United Kingdom to escape an abusive relationship. Greta is offered a month long baby sitting job by an old English couple known as the Heelshires. Noticing that the boy is a doll instead of a child, Greta thinks the old couple is just crazy and sees it as easy money. Little does she know, there's a deep dark secret involving this doll. Now when I first saw the trailer to The Boy, I figured it was going to be an even more watered down boring killer doll movie like Annabelle. So going into this, I must say this film started out interesting for the first 12 minutes or so. Then the pacing really started to get to me. This movie starts to lag a lot and felt like they kept trying to hash the same scenes at night by trying to scare me with the doll which didn't work. They also try to rely with too many typical jump scares and the loud score with it. It's a shame because the last 25 minutes of this film really was a great twist I did not see coming at all!!! The last 25 minutes had me at a wow and got me invested! It had great performances by all of the cast members. Also, the cinematography of the British landscape and the house was beautiful. If it wasn't for the last 25 minutes or so, I'd probably trash this movie. That last bit was like a totally different movie. Now this isn't a amazing film by a long shot. Like I said, the pacing is boring and the jump scares are lame. They also didn't dig into the history of the doll/boy which kind of made him very empty into why he's so evil, which bothered me. I also felt that her ex-boyfriend stuck out like a sore thumb. Anyways, people I understand the pacing is boring as hell for a majority of the middle of the film but please stick with it because it pays off better the further you get. Anyways, I'm going to give The Boy a 7/10.

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