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  • Eddie Williams

Bone Tomahawk Review

Eddie here. This morning I'm reviewing Bone Tomahawk, a 2015 Western/ Horror film starring Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, David Arquette and Sid Haig. This film is about a drifter who arrives in small town called Bright Hope, Wyoming after being attacked by a cannibalistic Native American tribe known as the Troglodyte. After the Troglodyte attack the town and kidnapped a few locals, Kurt Russell and a few town people set out on a long journey to get revenge while saving some of the town folks that have been kidnapped. This film was one of the first Westerns I've ever seen trying to do a horror film, which is a very interesting concept. This is a very brutal Western with a lot of gore and brutal ass deaths. It had great acting and it was cool seeing a lot of big time actors in this film. It captures the western era very well. I also have a major problem with it. This film is extremely padded out big time. We see them going on this journey for over a hour and 30 minutes without any Indians which was ok as far as the journey stand point, but it also got very boring after awhile. There were some intense scenes, but a majority of it was them just traveling to get to the Indians. When they find the Native American tribe, it does get brutal but it also doesn't have much of a payoff, which really kills it. Though, it was brutal which I loved alot. I felt like they could have done more. Also, the run time of 2 hours and 10 minutes was a bit too long since they went for a long padded out journey we really didn't need, so I felt like they could have cut it down a lot. It was an ok film overall, so I'm going to give Bone Tomahawk a 6/10.

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