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  • Eddie Williams

Meet The Blacks Review

Eddie here and tonight I'm reviewing Meet the Blacks, starring Mike Epps, Mike Tyson and George Lopez. A spoof of The Purge, it starts out with a family known as the Blacks moving to Beverly Hills from Chicago to live peacefully in the quiet suburban life. The Blacks must try to stay alive from The Purge while not knowing what's in store for them in their new neighborhood in yet another horrible spoof film. Now, I had a feeling this film was going to be bad since spoof films have had a very bad track record. I saw the trailer and I was hoping maybe it might just be an ok film since I find Mike Epps to be a really funny comedian. After 8 ATTEMPTS in trying to finish it, this film ended up just being another big pile of dog shit spoof film. I didn't like it at all. The comedy in this film was poorly done, with the exception of the funny African dude from the beginning that we have seen a few times in other films starring Mike Epps. Other than that, the story was boring. It was very padded out and unfunny. It just goes to show that spoof films are dead. I don't recommend this film at all. Anyways I'm going to give Meet the Blacks a 1.5/10.

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