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  • Eddie Williams

Lights Out (Eddie's Review)

Eddie again and tonight I'm reviewing Lights Out, directed by David Sandberg and produced by James Wan (The Conjuring). Lights Out stars Teresa Palmer, Maria Bello, and Billy Burke. It's about a little boy and his sister being terrorized by an evil entity with a dark past. Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) works to unlock the truth behind this entity that has a dark secret attachment to her mother Sophie (Maria Bello). Now I'm not much of a fan of these paranormal type films, but I always give them all a fair shot to impress me, especially if James Wan is involved in the film because I loved The Conjuring 1&2. Seeing this trailer, I thought it looked ok but it also felt like a typical paranormal movie. After watching, I felt it was ok. I did love the cast and the concept behind it was interesting. The entity was pretty creepy looking. It kind of looked like the demons from Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight. I liked the dark visuals to the film. My cons were that it felt padded out at times. I did get bored at times and it felt like it was heading into a typical ghost film. I actually would have been more interested in the entity's back story as a film itself. It would have been cool to see the whole thing play out in the insane asylum. I also thought the ending was a bit anti climactic, but I also didn't see it coming at the same time which was ok. Anyways, I'm going to give 'Lights Out' a 6/10 . You can also check out Justin's review of it on YouTube as well:

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