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Hell or High Water (Eddie's Review)

Eddie here. Tonight I'm reviewing Hell or High Water, directed by Daniel Mackenzie and from the writers of Sicario, which was one in my top 10 best film list of 2015. Hell or High Water stars Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham. It's a western heist/ crime drama about 2 brothers that go on a series of heists to save their family's ranch from being foreclosed by the bank. We also get a side story about 2 cops who try to get ahead of the bank robbers as they try to piece it all together so they can catch them at their next heist. I really enjoyed this film. Everyone's chemistry was perfect. I got a small laugh out of Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham dogging on each other. It kind of reminds me of Officer Schrader and his partner's chemistry from Breaking Bad. I also find Ben Foster underrated. That dude is a talented actor and I love him in about everything he plays in. This film feels a lot like a Coen Brothers meets Clint Eastwood film because it's dialogue heavy It feels a lot like No Country for Old Men. I loved the atmosphere and geological area in North Texas/ South Oklahoma where the film takes place, mostly because I live in southern Oklahoma and it reminds me of home, especially when they went to all of the Indian casinos in the film. We have them everywhere here. My only con was that some of the pacing was dragging a bit. Anyways, I really enjoyed the hell out of this film and I'm going to give Hell or High Water an 8.5/10. You can also check out Justin's review of it on YouTube as well:

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