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Swiss Army Man Review

Eddie here. Tonight I'm reviewing Swiss Army Man, an artsy/drama directed by Daniel Scheinart and Dan Kwan, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Dano and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. This film is about a guy named Hank (Paul Dano) who is stranded on a deserted island. One day, Hank's life changes when a corpse named Manny washes up ashore. Hank and Manny become friends and they go on an adventure together in hopes of bringing Hank home in one of the most awkward and very original films I have ever seen in my life. I'm not going to spoil this film for the ones that have never seen it. It's a very artsy film that does have some symbolism to it. You really gotta understand this film to get its message. I know the message this film was trying to show its audience. I respect what they were doing with this film. Let me say, I do like some artsy films and I'm always up for something original. That being said, I didn't like this film. In my opinion, I found it quite annoying through 50% of it. A lot of it feels childish and hard to sit through. Not everything original, artsy and symbolic ends up being good. I do respect others' opinions and I ask others to respect mine. If you loved it, then that's great. It just wasn't for me. My pros: I do like the performances and the serious tone it took for the last bit. I love the cinematography. It's a beautifully shot film. The comedy aspect though was so hard to sit through and very painfully unfunny. It reminded me so much like if you took a Tom Green comedy and mixed it with a symbolic story. I get what it was trying to do though. This was hard to review. I'm going to give Swiss Army Man a 4.5/10.

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