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Don't Breathe (Eddie's Review)

***** MINOR SPOILER IN DESCRIPTION**** Hey Eddie here again. Today I'm reviewing Don't Breathe, directed by Fede Alvarez (who directed 2013's Evil Dead) and brings back Sam Raimi as the producer. It's a crime/thriller starring Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, and Dylan Minnette which takes us to a story about 3 habitual robbers who make a living off of the goods they steal from their robberies. When they decide to rob a house that is sitting on $300,000 and think it will be easy cash, they underestimate the house tenant, who is a blind Vet that lost his sight in the Gulf War. Little do they know, he's got a surprise waiting for them. I was really looking forward to this film. I have to say, I really did enjoy this film. It was very intense and I really enjoyed the performances, especially Stephen Lang. He's very underrated as an actor. ****MINOR SPOILER****

Now I was a tad bit disappointed in a few things. I was thinking he was some hardcore serial killer that had a dozen boobie traps waiting for them, but nope he's wasn't a killer. He was an innocent man that had his reasons why he did what he did. I actually felt sorry for him and I rooted for him for the majority of this film. I was also a bit disappointed that he used a gun the whole movie. I'm a man of variety. I was hoping he would use knives and other gadgets too. Other than that, I really enjoyed it as a realistic crime movie. I love the brutality. Anyways, I recommend it and I'm going to give Don't Breathe a 7.5/10. Also, check out Justin's review of the film as well on YouTube:

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