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  • Eddie Williams

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Review

Eddie here. Tonight I'm reviewing Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, starring Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza and Adam DeVine. It's a 2016 comedy where two hardcore partying brothers are force to have wedding dates in time for their little sister's wedding due to the history of mishaps at previous family weddings. Like any comedy partying film, things happen to where the wedding almost goes up in flames in this atrocious, unfunny, hard to finish flick. This film was extremely hard to finish. Nothing in this horrible movie came close to giving me a chuckle, except for one small scene. This plot has been done many times over and over. It feels cheaply made. The performances were all a flat 0. Seriously, when it comes to a film that has a cast so cringe worthy to where it feels your listening to people scratch their nails on a chalk board, this is the film that perfectly describes exactly that. Every single cast member was so annoying, I almost pulled all my hair out. Usually you never see a film where you unanimously hate the entire freaking cast until you watch this colossal hot garbage. No more springing my thumbs writing this review of this messy film and I don't recommend this at all! I'm going to give Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates a 1/10. It's in my Top 3 worst films of 2016 for sure.

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