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  • Justin Louallen

Norm Of The North Review

Justin here. I'm catching up with my 2016 movies with ones that I didn't catch in the theater or waited for video to watch. Norm Of The North is an animated film starring Rob Schneider, Heather Graham and Ken Jeong and is the story about a polar bear named Norm who has to stop an evil tycoon from building real estate homes in the Arctic. This film was originally meant to go to straight to video, but Lionsgate decided to release this in theaters for some reason. Now, I do tend to like a lot of animated movies that are made by PIXAR, Dreamworks, etc, but this, THIS WAS A NIGHTMARE! This film was so abysmal that I wanted to tear my hair and pluck my eyes out so bad. Everything you could expect from a horrible animated film is here. This has awful jokes, (especially the poop and pee jokes from those lemmings), animation that looks choppy as hell and really cheap looking, phoned-in performances from everyone, an annoying villain that is constantly moving up and down just to tell the audience that he's a villain, and most of all, a really stupid plot involving real estate that even for a kid's movie is excruciatingly bad. If I wanted to see a CGI polar bear, I'd rather watch those polar bears in the Coca Cola commercials. At least those have better animation and would make a more interesting movie compared to this. Not to mention, every time I saw a dance sequence, I felt like my head was about to explode. The only pros I give this piece of crap is there were a couple of jokes that I chuckled a little bit, but other than that, this is one of the worst animated films I've seen in quite a long time and with that, I am going to give Norm Of The North a 1/10. On the plus side, I can say that this movie would probably be fun to watch with buddies while drunk and laugh at how awful it is, but, it would take me a lot of liquor to ever watch this again.

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