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Blood Father Review

Eddie here. Tonight I'm reviewing Blood Father, starring Mel Gibson, William H. Macy, Diego Luna and Erin Moriarty. Blood Father is an action/thriller released in 2016 that went under the radar for sometime, but it's starting to get a minor following. The film takes us where Mel Gibson is playing an ex-con who spent over 9 years in prison in the past and is trying to walk a straight path. When his estranged daughter gets into a heap of trouble and contacts him, Gibson and her are suddenly on the run being chased down by the law and a brutal Mexican cartel gang. Gibson must go back to his criminal instincts to keep them both alive in this action packed, pure entertainment flick of 2016. I really had fun with this film. It surprises me that this film flew under the radar that a lot of people still don't know that it exists. I had a lot of fun with all of the cast members, especially Mel Gibson. What I enjoyed the most about this film were the one liners coming from Mel Gibson's mouth. It seriously had me dying of laughter. I felt like I was watching a Shane Black film like The Last Boy Scout with all of the funny one- liners. Keep in mind that it's not a comedy, but an action/thriller and with the small amount of comedy they had, it still flowed great with this film. It has a Mad Max meets Sons of Anarchy feel to it and it's very brutal. As for my cons, the character build up with the two big villains fell flat, which is a big no in these type of films, especially the big Aztec Indian hit man who is supposed to be like Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men. He doesn't do anything except for a few scenes, which was very disappointing. I thought the final battle was extremely generic. Other than that, I had a blast with this film and it's definitely worth the watch. I'm going to give Blood Father a 8/10.

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