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Clown Review

I finally watched Clown. The movie was produced by Eli Roth and surprisingly the Weinstein brothers as well. I have been looking forward to this for a while now. I just thought it was OK. I loved how it was the first movie that showed children slaughtered left and right. It was extremely gory with almost all practical effects that I loved. I enjoyed the story of the father that transformed into the clown and he was pretty scary looking. The acting wasn't too bad. The film looked like it was theatrically shot and pretty dark. With that being said, I also had problems with the film. For most of the death scenes, they didn't even show them. Instead, it showed the aftermath which I hated. There were a lot of characters who screamed in the background for the death scenes. It seemed like Eli Roth included his input when the main cast said shit that didn't make any sense to the plot and some of the performances fell flat. The biggest problem for me was that they had two main characters that were introduced and went absolutely nowhere but they spent so much screen time with them. The ending also pissed me off. The clown was defeated way too easy. It started out looking theatrical, but then it felt like I watched one of those 8 Films To Die For movies like Dark Ride. To me, the best part was the creepy Chucky Cheese scene. I'm going to give this a 6/10. I wish they could have accomplished more with it.

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