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  • Eddie Williams

I Am Not A Serial Killer Written Review

Eddie here. Today I'm reviewing I Am Not A Serial Killer, an Irish-British independent supernatural / drama film starring Christopher Lloyd, Max Records, and Laura Fraser. I Am Not A Serial Killer takes us to a small town in Minnesota where a troubled teen with homicidal tendencies hunts down a supernatural serial killer while fighting his own inner demons. I thought this film was ok. I really enjoyed the performances by all the cast members, especially Christopher Lloyd because I've never seen him play such a cruel role in his entire film career. I thought the score was pretty good as it fits well with the film's atmosphere and it kind of resembles the score from Stranger Things. I also give praise for the small town feel of this film. We get too many killer movies where the location is generally taking place in bigger cities but since True Detective Season 1, we've been seeing more of a small town setting in newer TV shows and films. Personally, I think small towns have a unique untold dark story that I can really get invested with if it's done right. That being said, this film has its flaws big time. This film has a serious pacing problem and I ended up getting very bored with some of the dialogue and with the story in general. There are so many major plot points that were untold to where the film felt very incomplete at times and the ending was very underwhelming. Like I stated earlier, it was just ok even though there are some things I really did enjoy. If you have time to check it out, at least give it a shot because everyone's got different tastes. Anyways, I'm going to give I Am Not A Serial Killer a 5.5/10.

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