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  • Eddie Williams

Moonlight Written Review

Eddie here. Today I'm reviewing 2016 drama, Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins, starring Mahershala Ali, Andre Holland, and Naomie Harris. Moonlight is a coming of age story about a poverty stricken boy who struggles to find himself. This film is told in three defining chapters in his life as he experiences the pain, betrayal, and the beauties of falling in love while grappling his own sexuality. I heard a lot of great things about this film, being nominated and winning for countless awards. I thought this film was ok, but It has its flaws. Getting to my pros of this film, I really enjoyed the performances in this movie and the cinematography was absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed the chapter where he was a little boy because I really got invested in the story involving Mahershala Ali's character, Juan and the boy. I thought that was when this film was at its highest peak. You see this boy go through a lot of pain of being bullied and not having anyone to care for him. You can tell he's desperately seeking out for someone to love him. That's when he meets Juan and his wife. Juan, who's a drug dealer, ends up being a father figure to this child. You can feel that Mahershala's character is desperately wanting a family that he never had growing up. Sadly, that great story came to an end out of nowhere and the boy is now in his teen years, which kind of made me mad because I was glued to the first part and it ended with no resolution with Juan and his wife . With my cons, I felt liked they rushed through the teenage part of his life way too fast. I didn't care for the last 45 minutes when he was in his 30s because they really don't do much with it, other than he goes back to his childhood town to see a buddy of his that he's secretly fallen in love with when they were teenagers. This film has major plot holes that fail to connect at times. It felt rushed in the second half and it lacks a lot of character resolution, which irritated me. Overall, it's worth the watch and Mahershala Ali gives an amazing Oscar Winning performance in this film. I'm going to give Moonlight a 6.5 /10.

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