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  • Eddie Williams

Fifty Shades Darker Written Review

Eddie here. Today I'm reviewing Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to Fifty Shades Of Grey, starring Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, and Kim Basinger. Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele's relationship is put to the test when Grey's past comes back to haunt him. Now I'm not a big fan of these films and I only watch them with my girlfriend. Fifty Shades Darker was more watchable than the first film, but that's not saying much. The chemistry between Grey and Anastasia was a lot better in this one. We get to see a lot of different landscapes in this compared to the city in the first one, which was nice. The film started out interesting where this girl from Christian's past comes into play and she wants to kill Anna but midway through, it falls flat since we get no character development and poor character resolution on the mysterious girl from Grey's past. Then we get introduced to two more villains in this film, Kim Basinger's character which makes you question why she's in this film if they don't user her much, but yet she plays a huge part in why Grey is the way he is in life. Then we get a boss of Anastasia who wants to sabotage her and Grey's relationship because he likes her. Again, we get a very poor resolution of his character. For a second, it reminded me of your typical overcast villain superhero film. After getting through the first hour of this, it takes a turn for the worst. It started to feel like I was watching the first one all over again and I absolutely hated the first film. The editing and plot became extremely messy. I get that the books have a lot to do with sex, but oh my god they overdue it badly and when the sex scenes come, it throws the scene out of whack and it feels poorly edited. The sex scenes feel all the same and you lose interest very quickly. The ending is also very anti-climatic and feels very different from what they were going for in the first half of the film. Again, I'll give it credit for its cinematography because this film is beautifully shot like the first movie and the chemistry is better, but it still was a colossal mess of a film. I'm going to give Fifty Shades Darker a 4 /10. Leave me a comment below on what you thought of it and I'll see you on my next review.

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