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Sleepless Written Review

***CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS*** Eddie here. Tonight I'm reviewing the 2017 Action / Thriller, Sleepless starring Jamie Foxx, Michelle Monaghan, T.I., and David Harbour. When a heist goes wrong, an undercover police officer Vincent Downs ( Jamie Foxx ) has one night to save his kidnapped son life while battling homicidal gangsters, drug cartels, corrupt police, and the internal affairs looking to pen the heist on Vincent. When I saw the trailers to this film, I have to admit, I was worried about this film because it looked like a cheap knockoff to Taken and Waist Deep, which were both great films. So I went into this with low expectations, but I thought it could be a decent popcorn flick. Man was I wrong big time! This film was complete utter trash that should have went straight to video as it feels like something I'd find on Netflix or my local video rental store. First I'll start with my pros. I do like the cinematography because Open Road Productions knows how to capture beautiful visuals and I like what it was trying to do on paper, but it was executed very poorly on screen. You can tell the screenwriter lacks any experience because the cast members' lines were so cheaply delivered that it made some of the great casts in this film like Jamie Foxx look very bad with their lines and acting as the film progresses. You get zero character development in this so you don't feel the need to care about anyone. Plus you can tell that this film was working with a very low budget because we stay in a small casino setting for almost the whole movie. I got very annoyed that this film for every scene had to keep showing me the same shots of Las Vegas like if I had dementia. I GET IT, WE'RE IN LAS VEGAS FOR **** SAKE! We get like 4 different villains in this film that can't act to save their lives that they plastered in the film like a cheap $2 action movie you find at a garage sale. Vincent Downs' son needs some acting lessons because I'm sure if I had my arm forcefully broke, I wouldn't wait 20 seconds later to scream. Not to forget, it looked very forced when he decided to cry in pain a day late. Vincent's son gets saved in the first 30 minutes, only to keep getting caught 10 more times the same exact way. Then this colossal piece of crap thinks it clever to make the son a Billy-badass. Oh yeah, his broken arm heals itself like if he's wolverine or something. The director must have stole that from that unwatchable garbage A Good Day To Die Hard. Don't get me started on that piece of ****. This film is very anti-climatic and takes itself way too serious as if it believes its as good as John Wick. Oh yeah its sets itself up for a sequel similar to Taken. No thank you please. If you like it, I respect your opinion, but I thought this film wasn't good at all. Anyways, I'm going to give Sleepless a 2/10. What are your thoughts about this film ? Leave me a comment below and I'll see you on my next review. P.S. Stop putting T.I. in movies because he can't act.

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