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  • Eddie Williams

Imperium - Written Review

Eddie here. Today I'm reviewing the 2016 limited release Lionsgate film Imperium, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Sam Trammell, Toni Collette, Burn Gorman, and Nestor Carbonell. After radiation material goes missing from a military truck , a rookie FBI agent ( Daniel Radcliffe ) must become his enemy and infiltrate a white supremacist group that's plotting a major terrorist attack. This film went under radar and I didn't even know anything about this film being released until recently when I stumbled upon the trailer for it on YouTube. I have to say: I liked it, it has flaws, but I see why it went under radar because it feels like a mixture of Netflix and a theatrical released film. Starting with my pros, I enjoyed the performances from the cast but I really enjoyed Daniel Radcliffe's performance the most. I love when actors and actresses can branch out into different genres to show their real talents. Daniel is starting to remind me of James McAvoy when taking on serious roles and I hope he does more serious films because surprisingly enough, he has great range that no one hardly sees because most of his serious roles goes under radar. I also enjoyed the American History X feel to the film, although it does take a more typical movie approach and it's not artistic like American History X. It also has a small touch of the 2016 A24 film, Green Room with the whole white supremacist concert gatherings. This film does have a twist that I didn't see coming and again Daniel really gets into his character well. Now this film is heavily flawed too. As for my cons, Daniel's British accent does slip from time to time but that's only minor issue . I did find Toni Collette's performance and character to be quite lazy and more as a fill in character. She also annoyed the piss outta me because she kept chewing and smacking it in every scene she's in. Plus there's a lot of different white supremacist groups that play vital roles in the plot but end up having no climax, which kind of threw me off. The ending was rushed big time, which was one of my biggest problems with this film. It kind of feels like the director was losing time and money so he had to rush the ending and only had 10 minutes to do it. I do have other minor flaws, but I say go check it out when you're looking for something to watch. Don't go into it like it's something high end like American History X. I'm gonna give Imperium a 6 /10 . What are your thoughts on it? Leave me a comment below and I'll see you on my next review.

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