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  • Eddie Williams

The Bye Bye Man - Written Movie Review

Eddie here and tonight I'm reviewing The Bye Bye Man, directed by Stacy Title and stars Douglas Smith, Carrie- Ann Moss , and Lucien Laviscount. Three friends decide to rent a house off college campus. When some paranormal events start happening within the house, they soon discover an evil entity that's after them known as the Bye Bye Man. The three young adults must try to survive and figure how to stop him before they become his next victims. As expected, this film was utterly trash. Seriously, how many more of these watered down garbage paranormal films is Hollywood going to keep making? Yet again this is going in my Top 10 Worst of List in 2017 like many of these type of films have done in the past. As for my cons, this film has some of the worst acting I've seen in awhile. They lack any chemistry and they show ZERO emotion when needed. This film could have easily been a straight to Netflix or video release because it's shot exactly like that. The CGI is so bad that it's the equivalent to the CGI we see on the SyFy channel. We don't see the Bye Bye Man until the last 15 minutes. His generic Cujo-wannabe dog has more screen time than he does. The CGI of his dog reminded me of that outdated Hell scene in Spawn. It's sad that some CGI used in 2017 managed to look that bad. The plot is very unoriginal; filled with typical horror movie clichés and rely on constant jump scares that didn't make me flinch at all. The only pro I have is the Bye Bye Man's look was pretty cool, even though he looked like a knockoff of the Reaper vampire villain in Blade II. This was an absolute disaster and I don't recommend it to anyone. I'm going to give The Bye Bye Man a 1/10. If you seen The Bye Bye Man, what were your thought on this film ? Leave me a comment below and I'll see you on my next review.

P.S. Instead of "Don't think it! Don't say it!", it should say "Don't see it! Don't speak it!".

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