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Aftermath - Written Movie Review

Eddie here. Tonight I'm reviewing Aftermath, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maggie Grace, and Scoot McNairy and is based on true events of two planes that crash over in Europe, but the location was changed in the movie and it takes place in the USA. Two strangers lives are forever changed after an error caused by an air traffic controller (Scoot McNairy) ends the lives of Roman's (Arnold Schwarzenegger) family and 271 other passengers. This film really went under everyone's nose, with little knowledge of its existence. It had a very small limited release back in early April 2017 but It was more for an On-Demand purchase just a week later, which is a shame because I really enjoyed this film a lot and I think it was well worthy of an nationwide release and it's definitely shot like one too as it's really dark and gritty. Everyone gave an outstanding performance in this film. Especially Arnold, who gives one of his most emotional performances of his career and shows that he really can branch out into other genres. It plays out like a small ensemble piece where you see Arnold's side of the events of losing his family and the raw emotions he goes through in losing them. Then you get the side story of the Air Traffic controller who caused the accident, played by Scoot McNairy, and you see how the events traumatized him for life and see how he slowly loses everything. Then the film connects in the end with a sad ending that makes you feel for all the characters involved. This film has its emotional moments throughout the course of the story that really got to me. I also loved the score as it has that 2015 film, The Revenant sound to it that spikes up your emotions that blend well with the events unfolding. The only cons I have for this film are some of the edits at times that make the film feel like it's rushing through pretty quick and I do wish we could of seen a bit more trauma with Arnold's character, even though we get plenty. I also question why it took Arnold a year to finally decide to find the guy, when in reality, I would be looking for the guy right after it happened. Anyways, I really enjoyed this film and I hate when we get such great films that get pushed under radar and they end up going unnoticed. I hope Arnold Schwarzenegger does more of these dark, gritty, emotional performances in the near future because I think he can branch out when giving the right material. I highly recommend this film and I'm gonna give Aftermath a 9/10 . If you seen it, what were your thoughts on the film? Leave me a comment below and I'll see you on my next review.

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