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Spider-Man: Homecoming - Written Movie Review (Eddie's Thoughts)

Eddie here. Today I'm reviewing Spider-Man: Homecoming, directed by Jon Watts and stars Tom Holland, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr., Michael Keaton, and Donald Glover. This is the second reboot for the web vigilante. After the events of Civil War with The Avengers, Peter Parker returns home to live with his Aunt May under the watchful eye of mentor Tony Stark. Peter tries to return to his normal daily routine, distracted by thoughts of proving himself to Stark that he's more than just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Soon, Peter has to put his powers to the test when the evil Vulture (Michael Keaton) emerges and threatens everything Peter holds dear to him. I'm a big Spider-Man fan and I liked Sam Raimi's version, despite some of its flaws with the third film of that franchise. Then we ended up getting another reboot with Andrew Garfield taking the place as Spider-Man, but those films ended up being heavily flawed despite me liking Andrew Garfield. After studio issues, they've decided yet again to reboot the franchise starring Tom Holland as the new Spider-Man. So was the third time a charm? I did like this film but I still have flaws with it as well. Starting with my pros, I really like Tom Holland as Spider-Man. I think he brings the teen factor to the character that everybody wanted and I thought he nailed it. Even though I still want to see an origin story of Spider-Man, I am glad that we didn't get the same reboot on how he became of him since we've already seen that done twice. My favorite thing about this film is Michael Keaton as the villainous Vulture. You can never go wrong with Michael Keaton in anything. He brings so much charisma to every film that he stars in, making him one of my Top 20 favorite actors in Hollywood. I thought Vulture had a good story arc in why he was doing what he was doing as a villain, which I was happy with because the villains' purpose failed badly with the Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man films. I also liked the connection with Civil War to continue the MCU and I loved Tony Stark / Peter Parker banter back-n-forth which was hilarious. Their are other things I did like in this film, but I don't wanna go into too much detail. As for my cons, even though I stated I liked the teenage humor with this Spider-Man, I did felt like they over did it in some parts. I also didn't like how they casted Flash. I know people, we don't need to see the same Jock-like Flash, but with the name like Flash, that's how I picture him. I also thought the actor that played him was annoying. I expected this film to be a bit better, but in the end I guess it's do-able. Anyways, I'm going to give Spider-Man: Homecoming a 7.5/10. What are your thoughts on this film? Was it a third time a charm for you? Leave me a comment below and I'll see you on my next review. Feel free to check out Justin's review on YouTube as well:

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