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47 Meters Down - Written Movie Review (Eddie's Thoughts)

Eddie here. Tonight I'm reviewing the 2017 horror film, 47 Meters Down, directed by Johannes Roberts, and stars Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, and Matthew Modine. Young sisters Kate and Lisa travel to Mexico for a vacation filled with sun, fun, and adventure. Both girls decide to add more fun to the adventure by going cage diving in shark infested waters. Safe in their protective cage, the thrill-seeking sisters come face to face with a group of massive great white sharks. Their worst fears become reality when their cage breaks away from their boat, sending them deep to the ocean floor with a dwindling supply of oxygen. When I first saw the trailer to this film, I expected it to not be good. It looked very low budget and it was attended to be only a straight-to-video release till they announced just weeks prior to its opening release that it would be released nationwide. I also was worried about that PG- 13 rating as that usually spells bad news for these types of films aside from The Shallows, which i really enjoyed. After seeing mixed reviews, surprisingly I thought it wasn't all that bad. Yes it has some big flaws, but I thought for what we got that it was acceptable. As for my pros, this film has a great concept that I felt was mildly executed good even though I felt like they could of done way more with it. It has scenes that had me on the edge of my bed grabbing at my bed sheets, so the intense scenes were great. The cast were ok even though I felt like they could of gotten better actresses to play the parts. I was also surprised with the amount of blood we got for a PG-13 film, but I still would rather see an R-Rating that could of went into more detail. I actually like the clear-cut cinematography under water, which looks cool and it had great scores with it. As for my cons, like I stated before I love the concept and it was mildly executed but it could of been way better. I thought at times when they were in bottom of ocean, it felt like they didn't have much to add towards the plot other than getting up to the top which is very simple writing and it does get somewhat boring at first. I also wished it could of been an R-Rating so we could of added a body count. It does have a shaky cam feel at times that annoyed me and it does that so you can't see any hardcore images so it could get the PG-13 rating. I noticed some noticeable CGI scenes of the sharks I didn't care too much for.. Plus they market this film as a shark film, but I felt like it's more of a survival film than a shark film. The sharks come and go throughout the film but they're mainly are there for the beginning and the end. It's mostly about the girls stuck at the bottom of the ocean with little oxygen to use. Their goal is to get to the top before they run out of oxygen and drown. The sharks just so happen to be there in the plot. My biggest complaint is the wasteful ending they could of went with that could of been great, but instead they gave us your typical happy ending I didn't care for. I thought it was an ok film that's very watchable and not as bad as some of the most horrible/trash shark films I've seen in the past like Shark Night 3D and Jaw 4: The Revenge. Anyways, I'm gonna give 47 Meters Down a 6.5/10. What were your thoughts on this film? Leave me a comment below and I'll see you in my next review. You can also check out Justin's review on YouTube to hear his thoughts as well:

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