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Molly's Game - Written Movie Review

Tonight I'm reviewing the 2017 Biography/ Drama film Mollys Game, directed by Aaron Sorkin on his directing debut and stars Jessica Chastain, Michael Cera, Idris Elba, and Kevin Costner. The film tells the true story of Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain), an Olympic-class skier who ran the world's most exclusive high stakes poker game and later became an FBI target. First, I don't know anything about the real life events that took place with Molly Bloom. I think I've read about it but I can't remember, but I really enjoyed this film. All of the performances by the cast members were fantastic and I was really invested in the story being told. It's one of those films where the main actress is narrating the events as it unfolds which we've been seeing alot lately in films, especially in 2017. This film does have three different plots taking place and they're sometimes not in order. The first plot is where we see Jessica Chastain's character as a teenage Olympic-skier who suffers a bad injury, ending her skiing career as well as seeing her rocky relationship with her father played by Kevin Costner. The second story is the main plot on how she got into the gambling business and with the third plot where she's facing indictment. I enjoyed that direction, but at the same time it made the film feel likes it jumping all over the place, which bothered me a bit. Though, the jumpy plot is fixed later on in the film. It's not like it took me out of the story because this film was fantastically written. The cinematography is beautiful as it has a clear cut / grittiness to it. Like I said, I enjoyed all the performances by all the cast members. This film has quite the cast including Michael Cera being one of them. Cera is an actor I haven't really cared for other than his performances in Superbad and Juno. I find him kind of annoying sometimes, but I thought he did good. Though, he sticks out like a sore thumb due to his awkwardness, but his performance was pretty good. This brings me to my next issue I had with this film. I noticed that there were some non resolution with some of the characters. They build on some characters that abruptly are no longer in the film later, which had me wondering whatever happened to some of them. The film does tell in-word what happens to most of them but I felt some of them played such a major role in the story for them to be given an off-screen resolution. I also felt like the film was a bit too long. This film has a run-time of about 2 hours and 20-something minutes. They could've easily trimmed 15 minutes off at least. Other than that, Mollys Game was really good and I do recommend it. I'm going to give Molly's Game an 8.5/10. What were your thoughts on this film? Leave me a comment below and I'll see you in my next review.

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