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Children Of The Corn: Runaway - Written Movie Review


Tonight I'm reviewing the 2018 horror film, Children of the Corn: Runaway, which is the 9th entry in the original franchise, 10th installment if you add the 2009 remake.

A pregnant woman escapes the murderous child-cult in Gatlin, Nebraska and spends the next decade traveling from town to town in order to protect her son. After they find a place to settle in, she realizes something evil is following them. Now a little backstory. While not the best work from Stephen King, I do find the original Children of the Corn film to be really good. I know a lot of people hated that movie, as well did Stephen King, but I think it's underrated. The only other entries I enjoyed were the 2nd and 5th films. The rest of the franchise was beyond unwatchable and should've never been made. Upon seeing the trailer, I did kind of had some hope because it looked like it was going back to its original roots. Boy was I f****** wrong. This film was beyond terrible and easily tied as one of the worst films I saw in 2018. Pros:

Nothing. Cons: Like the later entries, they create their own bizarre story that makes no sense to the source material of the original 2 films and the 5th one. You got a girl who used to be part of the murderous cult but left when she got pregnant. Now she's on the run. Cool concept right? Well the entire plot is her getting a job at a mechanic shop, seeing weird images, eating at a café, and going to bed. What I just said plays out like that in rinse-and- repeat mode until the last 2 minutes. This film goes absolutely nowhere. It's almost like they shot four different scenes, ran out of money, and just said: "let's keep repeating those scenes but change a few things to make it look like they're different". In between those scenes, we have this girl in a yellow dress that's always staring at our main character. She's basically "the leader". She does kill a few people, but for the rest of the time she's either prancing along or doing f****** cartwheels. It's like I'm watching a horror version of The Mickey Mouse Club. In the end, we see our main character covered in blood, seeing bloody images and then the film abruptly ends. I would complain about the abrupt ending, but it's saved me from banging my head against the wall in boredom. Last but not least, the acting was beyond terrible. They need to stop adding onto this franchise. It's like beating on a dead horse. Its been dead since Part 5. In all reality, it was never meant to be a major franchise. Don't give this film the time of day.

Final Grade:

What were your thoughts on this film ? Leave me a comment below and I'll see you on my next review.

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